Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 4 update

Okay the problem with this morning's weigh-in is that I took a sleeping last night. I was so groggy this morning that I don't remember exactly how much my loss was this morning but i'm pretty sure it was  a little more than 2 pounds. So, i'll just put two to be safe.
I'm pretty happy with that. This last week has been so stressful I was really worried about what my weigh-in was going to be. I don't usually take sleeping pills, I don't like them. But I really needed to. Last week was so stressful I didn't get much sleep. I knew this week wasn't going to be any better so I knew I needed to take something last night to get some good sleep. It really did help. I slept great. I just have a hard time getting up in the mornings. I have a hard time with that anyway so it wasn't really too different.
I am hoping to be a bit more active this week. I ate pretty healthy last week but I didn't work out much. I will do better this week. I already have a walk planned with Bobby tonight.

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