Friday, January 20, 2012

Starting TTC

We were given the go ahead in December to start trying to conceive again. Even with the all clear it was a hard decisions. It had only been 6 months since our loss. We decided with our doctor to try on our own for six months before we came to him to talk about our fertility options.
When we were trying before we really didn't do much in fertility charting. I decided to change that this time. I still want to make the process as fun and unscheduled as possible but I also really want to get pregnant really fast. So, we are trying a lot more than we ever have and I am charting my fertility at I bought a bbt (basal body temperature) thermometer and I started taking my temperature this morning. 
My cycles aren't really irregular they are just really long. Before Ellie they were about 35 days. Now, the are about 40. I've heard that the reason for the long cycles could be my weight. I'm not really complaining about long cycles because it means fewer periods but I would much prefer things to be normal so I could get pregnant.
As far as we and the doctors can tell there is nothing wrong with me or Bobby that would prevent us from getting pregnant. Other than, i'm pretty sure my weight has something to do with it. 
I'm hoping that charting will help. I want to be able to see if/when I am ovulating. I love the website. It teaches me these lessons about fertility as I go along. We, and many people who love us, hoped that we would be able to get pregnant right away. And, I have to admit I was pretty disappointed that we didn't get pregnant the first month we tried. Realistically I knew it wasn't going to be easy. It will take some time. And, maybe that's a good thing. The more we can heal emotionally and the more I can heal physically (I had a c-section) the better. I guess. I just don't want to wait another 5 years.


  1. I don't want you to have to wait 5 years!

    I used fertility friend to chart after Isaac and Evan so that I could figure things out. It was helpful and it made me feel like since I had the knowledge I was in control. It was nice to have something to focus on and divert energy to.
    It's also super helpful to know when exactly you are ovulating when you are TTC and figure out if your O day is regular or if you have to plan for it to be inconsistent.

    I'm rooting for you in both the weight loss and baby making!

  2. I totally understand, my whole life I have had a 6 week cycle. So even though it lasts the normal 4-5 days, the cycle is approx. 42 days I guess. I always loved it (less periods!) UNTIL I try to get pregnant. Then it's a stab in the dark about what is really going on in there. I hope your charting, etc...really helps you figure out your body!!

  3. I have really long cycles, too! If you ever want to go walking or do a home workout with me, let me know!

  4. I know the feeling hun :( .... It's so annoying I am on my second
    Month of clomid and praying this is it :/

  5. Thanks all! You are great friends.
    Kate, I would take you up on the offer but i'm really slow right now and I can't go far. I really like the elliptical at my gym too.
    Good luck Jessica.