Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday workout

Wow, I actually worked out on a Saturday. So proud of myself. That is five days in a row. It was kind of hard today. I'm not sure why but it was killer to go the same amount of time that i've been doing all week. I'm really looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. If the weather's nice I might get Bobby to go on a walk with me in the evening. Nothing to hard though.
I do okay, not great with my eating but the worst is the eating out. We eat out way too much and I make very little effort to eat healthy when we do eat out. The only major change I have made is to always get diet soda. I know I should cut soda out completely but that's not happening right now so I figured this was a good compromise.
I make many excuses. We are busy. We both work full time so we don't really have time to cook. It just seems easier to go out. Then when we are there it's just too hard to eat healthy and so I don't. Okay, here's my commitment to do better. I'm off-track right now so it's easy for me to cook. We go out every Friday so I will just have to promise to eat healthier.

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  1. Ya, the eating out is killer. I throw a bunch of protein bars (zone perfect) or granola bars in my purse and a water in the car. When I'm out running errands and get hungry and am craving driving through McDonalds, I eat one instead to hold me off til I get home.