Sunday, February 12, 2012


I've been kind of frustrated with tracking my temperatures. I don't think I see consistent enough temperatures to notice if it does spike. I even bought the good thermometer so I could get the detailed readings. I think I might give up on it after this month. We will see what happens.
Bobby and I were talking about this last night. I know the best way to assure that we get pregnant is to try every day. I don't know, maybe some couples do that but we aren't that kind of couple. I don't really want to get into the details of how often it happens but I will just say it doesn't happen every day. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy doing it and really want to have another baby but we have a life. We have work and don't always feel like it every day. I think we will just stick to what we are doing now and hope for the best. It's more than that though. I was telling Bobby last night that we have to trust in our Heavenly Father. He has a plan for us and if the time is right he will make it happen. He pointed out that we know now at least that we are able to get pregnant. I also have more faith in our Heavenly Father and the miracles he can perform because Ellie's conception was a near miracle. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I know exactly what day she was conceived because it only happened once that month. Which is evidence to me that miracles happen. Unfortunately I had given up on tracking days at that point so I have no idea what day in my cycle we got pregnant.
I don't want the process to become a chore. I want it to be fun and not scheduled. I am confident that as long as we put forth our best efforts and let our wishes be known to our Heavenly Father that in time we will get pregnant again. I just don't think tracking temperatures is helping out that process at all.


  1. Temps can be SO frustrating! My best advice is to just do whatever you feel is best. If you feel like you are losing your mind because you are temping, then take a break from it for a while.

    You are in my prayers that this will happen for you!

  2. Totally DO NOT do it every day. It becomes so stressful and not fun. I was in the EAGeR study at the U and they said trying too often was also bad because it could "deplete the troops". They recommend every other day when it's a possible fertile day, and every day on the 3 most fertile days.