Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 4

I am really frustrated with the weight gain this week. It's not as if I didn't try. I've made lots of small changes. I guess it's time to make big changes. I can always improve I guess. I'm far from perfect. It's just frustrating. I wasn't expecting to lose tons of weight this week. It was my first week back to work and it was a little crazy, but I was hoping to not gain weight.
 I was reading a blog that someone had pinned on pinterest about a woman who had lost a lot of weight. I like how she said something to the effect of how it has to more important than anything. It's got o more important that I lose weight than it it that I have my caffeine, extra hour of sleep, or ice cream. It's got to be a part of my daily life always. No exceptions. I think that's my problem. I make way too many exceptions.
Okay, so changes this week. Need to drink more water. So, I know i've justified the soda but i'm going to go to one soda a week. If I have that soda Monday morning then no soda when we go out on the weekend. This week will be tough because i'm sure my students will give me candy for Valentine's day. I don't want to waste it all and throw it away but like my mom says "better to waste it than waist it". We ate out a few times this week. No more of that. We can go out on our Friday date night. That's it. I did pretty good with salads for lunch last weeks so i'm going to keep that up. I even don't mind the low fat vinaigrette dressing I used. I do need to work out more. I had a hard time making myself get out of bed this week and only worked out 3 times. I'm going to shoot for at least 4 next week. It has got to be more important.
I can go do this I have got to believe that. I'm not going to let the weight gain get me down. I'm still figuring this out and retraining myself.

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